Alaska Peninsula Hunts

Hunting on the Alaska Peninsula is for Brown Bear. The hunting area is know as Ugashik River and my base of operation is located on the Ugashik river near the village of Ugashik. I have a comfortable camp and cabins at this location.

Clients travelling to this hung would be flying from Anchorage, to King Salmon and then to Ugashik Village which is located about 100 miles south of King Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula where we will meet them. I have been conducting hunting and fishing adventures from this location since 1986.

Brown Bear hunting on the Alaska Peninsula. Click on any image for a larger view.
There is one bear season each year on the Alaska Peninsula.
Hunting this area is conducted using boat travel and by walking. We use comfortable tent spike camps to base from while hunting. Success rates are normally 90 percent. Other activities include fishing and waterfowl shooting while on these fall brown bear hunts.

There is one bear season each year on the Alaska Peninsula. Even years are spring seasons and Odd years are fall seasons. October 1 to 21 is the fall season and May 10 to 25 is the spring season.

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