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Experiencing the Thrill of Big Game Hunting in Alaska

Check out the Alaska Adventures Unlimited gallery below to discover the fun possibilities of booking our hunting and fishing trips in Fairbanks, AK, and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information. 

The arctic climate and landscape combined create an environment that makes it ideal for big game hunting in Alaska. The Alaska Range is home to some of the most untamed wilderness of the United States. It is possible to hunt many different animals, such as black bears, grizzlies, caribou, wolves, and more. 

Know Before You Go

As your hunting outfitter, we are committed to helping guests venture out into the wilderness with confidence. However, we must also emphasize that these trips will require knowledge and a high degree of physical and mental preparedness. 

When planning your hunting trip, please understand that you will be in the wilderness looking for animals that follow their instincts. Be prepared to be in the wild for at least five days. Anticipate difficult terrain conditions, weather, and isolation. 

Our guides will do our best to ensure you get the most from your hunting trip. Ultimately, you are responsible for preparing to venture into the wilderness. Get familiar with Alaska Hunting Regulations, and ensure that you know how to use your equipment. 

Our experienced guides allow you to experience the thrill of the hunt. Thanks to our knowledge of the area, we can provide the support that will enable you to enjoy hunting to the fullest. The gallery below shows just a few of the many successful hunts we have led.


Get ready to test your wits and skill in the great outdoors. Contact our hunting outfitter and being planning your excursion with us.